Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goals 2012 Review

I'm a little late this year, but here is my "Goals Review" for 2012.

I had 6 stated goals...

2012 Goal 1: Become a Certified Spring Professional

2012 Goal 2: Read 6 software development related books
Nope. Not even close. I did start a couple of books but never carved out the time necessary to finish them.

2012 Goal 3: Convert my "broken toy" library app to Ruby
Nope. I still want to get started on Ruby so this will one will carry forward.

2012 Goal 4: Create a new "broken toy" app to help me keep track of the anniversaries and birthdays of my family and friends
Nope. I'll carry forward, again.

2012 Goal 5: Write two blog posts a month
I created 18 posts so I missed by a little bit on this one.
A couple of my favorites from 2012:

2012 Goal 6: Take some sort of multi-day software development training
Yes. I attended an Agile Developer Boot Camp.

For many reasons, I was not as productive as I was in 2011 but my Spring Certification was a significant accomplishment. I also completed 2 Python programming courses via Coursera:
  • Learn To Program: The Fundamentals - University of Toronto
  • An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python - Rice University

I may need to make some changes in 2013...

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