Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hackers Are Winning

In a Wall Street Journal article, U.S. Outgunned in Hacker War, Devlin Barrett reports that we are losing the battle with computer hackers.

Some interesting and startling points:

Computer criminals are simply too talented and defensive measures too weak to stop them

Too many companies, from major multinationals to small start-ups, fail to recognize the financial and legal risks they are taking—or the costs they may have already suffered unknowingly—by operating vulnerable networks

...FBI agents are increasingly coming across data stolen from companies whose executives had no idea their systems had been accessed

We've been playing defense for a long time. ...You can only build a fence so high, and what we've found is that the offense outpaces the defense, and the offense is better than the defense

The median number of days between the start of an intrusion and its detection was 416, or more than a year

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