Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goals 2011

Well, it's the middle of February and I'm just now getting to my goals for 2011. Better late than never!

2010 was significant for me because I took charge of advancing and promoting my career. The most important event was my job change which provided much needed momentum and new challenges and learning.

For 2011 I want to continue the learning that I've started. I want to focus on 2 things:
My thinking, to get some maturity on the human and sociological thoughts and concepts that I've been gravitating towards -
  • How to be effective and not just efficient
  • How to add value and solve problems, with or without software
  • How to foster an environment that promotes the above

My technical skills in common enterprise frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate and Groovy/Grails

So, in 2011 I will ...

1. Read 5 software development related books

There are currently 10 books in my "to read" stack and if history is a guide, that stack will grow. This goal is a little less ambitious than last year due to goals 2 and 3.

2. Convert my "broken toy" library app to use Hibernate and Spring
I want to expand my knowledge and skill with these frameworks and I need to do it on my own since I'm not working with them in my job.

3. Create a new "broken toy" app to help me keep track of the anniversaries and birthdays of my family and friends
I'm always forgetting them so I could use some help.

4. Write two blog posts a month
Continue with what I accomplished last year.

5. Take some sort of multi-day software development training
This will be a reoccurring goal.

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