Monday, April 19, 2010

Seattle Code Camp

I attended Seattle Code Camp this weekend. It was a great event. The venue, one of the buildings in the new Microsoft Commons complex in Redmond, was awesome and the logistics/amenities were excellent.

My only complaint is that the sessions were mostly focused on Microsoft technologies (SQL Server, ASP.Net, C#) - there weren't any Java/Oracle specific sessions. Having said that, I did learn something in each session I attended and I'm going to follow-up by writing some jQuery and Ruby code.

Sessions I attended:

jQuery for the Unconvinced - Scott Koon
A look at the jQuery JavaScript library.

Fast… Faster… FASTER! - Ade Miller
Using the latest parallel programming features of C#, F# and C/C++ to improve performance.

Mind Mapping by Hand - Justin Bozonier
A look at the presenter's maps to understand how to be a more effective note taker.

Ramp Up Your Presentations! - Arnie Rowland
How to succeed as an outstanding presenter.

Secure Authentication and Session Management - Don Ankney
A look at how you can protect your user’s private data even if the application is compromised.

Dependency Injection and Library Design - Chris Tavares
A look at how Dependency Injection can be applied in a library.

A Journeyman Programmer Pilgrimage - Liam McLennan
What is the Software Craftsmanship movement? The highs and lows of a journeyman programmer's travels across the country.

Ruby for Newbs - Bobby Johnson
A basic look at the Ruby language.

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